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Paramagnetic Ions in NMR
Drug Screening for HIV
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Analytical Biochemistry and Drug Design

We are interested in biochemical approaches to drug development. One of our primary targets is the fusion protein of HIV, and our methodology is extendable to all viruses with a class one fusion domain. The class one fusion domain is characterized by a central trimeric coiled coil which plays a key role in the ability of the virus to enter host cells. We are looking at methods to design, detect and analyze molecules which inhibit this domain.

Our analytical methods include:href=

and we are carrying out experiments in:

Miriam Gochin, PhD has been heading this lab at Touro University since 2005.

The Gochin Lab gratefully acknowledges support from NIH NIAID, NIGMS, and NINDS, and from the Universitywide AIDS research project. Molecular graphics images were made using Chimera.